About Us


We are Twin Post Farm located in Princess Anne Maryland.

Inside The Pen

After 30 plus years raising commercial broilers, we decided to embark on our own new and exciting business.
In February 2010 we closed our commercial operation and converted our houses to raise free range laying hens and ducks.

Chicken House

We purchased 1500 “brown sex-link” layers and 400 laying ducks. The doors of our houses are open
to allow the chicken’s and ducks access to lush pasture and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Duck Parade

In combination with the best natural feed and our tender loving care,
our chickens and ducks produce the most delicious eggs.

Free Range Ducks

At the present we sell our eggs at the following farmers markets:
Columbia Heights in DC * Historic Lewis in DE * Camden Farmers Market in Salisbury Maryland.

Chickens Roosting

We are reaching maximum egg production.  In addition to the Farmers Markets
it would be our pleasure to supply your business with our excellent free range fresh eggs.

The Little Ones

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